Day 110/365: Portrait Professional, Before and After

Day 110: My daughter

Day 110: My Daughter

Thanks to this project I have met new people and advanced increased my post production skills with Photo-shop and new programs. Portrait Professional is a program I found and I absolutely love it!

My daughter doesn’t really need any help looking beautiful, I think she looks that way everyday. But, there are those teenage days when you have shiny skin and blemishes seem to pop up overnight when you least expect them. This program magically eliminates blemishes, decreases shine and can even go so far as changing eye color.

Although meant for professional photographers doing glamor shots, magazine shoots, it’s can provide just enough adjustment to give an extra edge to photographs. I’ve talked to professional photographers who take senior pictures and they swear by it and say it’s definitely the best program they have ever used.

Tomorrow I take a self portrait and see what if the program can take ten years off my face.

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