Day 109/365: First Flower of Spring

I’m so excited! On a gorgeous warm sunny Saturday last week I cleaned out the flower beds and look what I found. The first flowers of spring, a spring crocus! Yes, it takes little to get me excited, but this is a sign of spring, a forecast of what is to come, warm days, sunny skies. Oh, spring! Oh happy day! Next will be the daffodils and then my favorite spring flower, tulips.

Winters’ Spring Flower

Disclaimer: This image was updated a week later when it SNOWED!! What the heck? It’s officially spring according to the calender, no more snow!

Photography Notes: Used my camera in the shadow and snow programed mode and didn’t have to do anything post production other than resize. Did use my new MCP Action to quickly created the frame. Its the free Facebook Fix, side by side. This one you get by going to their Facebook page.

I’m Not the Only One Who Hunts For the First Flowers Of Spring

It seems I’m not the only person who gets tired of winter and looks for the hope of the first blooms of spring. Here in Nebraska it is the spring crocus that appears, in other location the first flower may be a bluebell, or even a skunk cabbage. What is it in your location?

I like to plant a small bowl of crocuses and have them on the dining room table. These are small enough they don’t get in the way and since I don’t have a green thumb I don’t care if they live all year round.

Hirts Gardens Delft Ceramic Bowl with Purple Crocus Bulbs and Indoor Fragrant Growing Kit

First Flowers of Spring

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  1. It’s crazy how the weather can switch so quickly!! I love the crocus! We get them in Eugene in the spring. SO exciting and inspiring. I met someone from Nebraska today, and I thought of you!

    1. The snow covered crocus was at the end of it’s prime anyways, but I took it’s picture as a comparison. I think the other ones are just fine. It’s not really cold, just barely 32F, just enough to snow. Got just a ground covering and it was gone in a few hours.

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