Day 106/365: First Encounter With a Marine Drill Instructor

USMC Recruit Family Night

In just a little under four months I will have two sons in the United States Marines. My youngest, a high school senior, is in the delayed entry program and got a little taste of Marine boot camp during last week during Family night for the Lincoln Nebraska recruiting station. A visiting drill instructor from San Diego put them through their paces and had them sounding off like grunts in no time.

My youngest son  leaves for boot camp in July. He’s the one on the far right with red tape on his arm (gave blood at school earlier in the day, his 7th pint) For a better understanding of what they went through in ten minutes here is a short video below, might want to turn your volume down for this.

6 thoughts on “Day 106/365: First Encounter With a Marine Drill Instructor

  1. I used to be a Marine. Boot camp was the hardest but best experience of my life at that point. Thanks for being a mom of soldiers! and even better Devil Dogs!

    1. You were a Marine, wow! I would’ve never guessed. How long were you in? Learning more and more about you all the time and liking it. smile

  2. Dawn,
    I work for JWT, the Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s advertising agency, on the social media team. I recently saw your photo post to the Marine Corps’ page and I wanted to thank you for your submission. What a great image. Also, I hoped that you would consider becoming a member of LifeAsAMarine is a community of USMC supporters and helps to provide information to prospective Marines and their families about the Corps. We would love it if you would submit this image or image and a short commentary about being a Marine Corps parent to help members of our community gain valuable perspective on life in the Corps. Please visit the site and feel free to email me at for more information or guidance.

    Thank you,
    Carlisle Hensley
    LifeAsAMarine Community Manager
    JWT, Social Media Planner

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