Day 100/365: The Great Goose Chase

Canadians and Snow Geese in Nebraska

Canada and Snow Geese in Nebraska

You know spring is close when the Canada and Snow geese start heading back north.  Nebraska is in a migratory flight path for many species of birds, including geese, who use the corn and wheat fields as feeding and resting grounds. So on my 100th day I bring you the great Nebraska goose migration.

This year, because of my 365 project, I had a purpose for driving around chasing after thousands of geese and getting a photo of this spectacular site.  Thousands of geese fly over and then start to gather and spiral as they descend in what actually looks like an organized landing pattern. They are very skittish and typically chose sections of land that are difficult to gain access from the gravel roads.

Trying to walk out and sneak up on them is not easy. Goose hunters normally set decoys and sit in blinds waiting for hours. I don’t have that much patience, and you never know where they are going to land. So you watch the skies and chase the clouds of birds in the air. Many of my photographs the past couple of days were part of my goose chase.

The geese  don’t stay long in one spot, some flocks will stop and rest and others will be taking off and continue heading north. In less than a week hundreds of thousands, if not millions of geese will fly over.

Below is a video a friend across the road from her house at a neighboring pond.  Turn up the volume to enjoy the sounds of nature.

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