Day 98/365: McDonalds Shamrock Shake

Day 98: The Shamrock Shake Has Returned

Day 98: The Shamrock Shake Has Returned

This year my Connecticut friends on Facebook have been talking about the Shamrock Shake, I bet few knew it was invented in 1966, in a Connecticut McDonalds.  I didn’t. But it didn’t get it’s nationwide acclaim until 1975. I love milkshakes and the thicker the better, give me a different flavor and I’m right there. (Eggnog shakes at McDonalds are also one of my favorites)

The  Shamrock Shake bring back memories of childhood, when there wasn’t a McDonalds in every town and going to eat at the Golden Arches was a treat. Once a year, for a very short time, the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shake flavors would give way to minty green wonders that made your teeth hurt and give you a brain freeze if you drank it too fast.

There is quite the cult following on social media circles this year the humble shake has over 35 Fan Pages (I stopped counting) on  Facebook  and even it’s own website, Find the Shake, as people track it’s appearance at various franchises.  It appears that not every McDonalds carries this much loved shake and in 2010 there was the Great Shamrock Shake Crisis, as well as the great shake hunt.

The appearance has been enhanced over the years, and I’m sure to some traditionalists that is pure sacrilege. But, I really like the added Redi-Whip and the cherry on top.

What people will do to go back to their childhood. Since we’re going down memory lane, enjoy a video from the early 1980’s

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