Day 96/365: Midnight Snack Starts Off Right With Squeezie Cheese

Photoshop Poster Edge

Yup, almost midnight and I forgot my picture of the day. Oops.  I quickly get out my camera and snap a quick pic of my favorite snack, in the dark, couldn’t even see through the window. So it’s blurry, but I like the arrangement, so it goes through Photoshop. Is there any improvement? Probably not, but it’s a reason to play around with effects. You be the judge, open to suggestions. This can be a lesson how to make a blurry, crappy photo look decent.

By the way, did you know that Party Cheese, cheese in a can, squeeze cheese is actually real cheese? I thought it was fake cheese, nope. First ingredients: milk, whey, water, milkfat. Wow! I’m impressed!

On One Photo Tools 2.5

Used the On One Phototool plug in tools I just downloaded thanks to the suggestion of my blogging friend at 365Project .  Just used the color boost and sharpen, with a fill flash, as you can see you can’t make a blurry picture sharp. I haven’t had a chance to really the program on a special photograph yet, but the free tools there are awesome and work in CS2 and up. Below is the original straight out of camera (SOOC)

SOOC orginal