Day 93/365: Cat on the Porch

Day 93: Cat on the Porch

Day 93: Cat on the Porch

Another trip to the mailbox and a stop at my neighbors house, her cats will be a common subject as the weather gets nicer.  It was a drab overcast day and I was disappointed with the original picture. No sun, no oomph, so I worked some photoshop magic.

Photoshop CS2 Notes: Regular adjustment layers with smart sharpen, then went in and decreased the lighting, bumped up the contrast, and added a warming filter. What a difference! After adding some additional sharpening on the face and whiskers and  I was happy.

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

8 thoughts on “Day 93/365: Cat on the Porch

  1. Pretty Kitty. Good job on the editing. I would have thrown in some fill flash from the bottom right side maybe but would have to see it to be sure. :}

    1. Only goes down to CS3, darn, that’s what I get for inheriting my son’s college Photoshop program, and he only got in the fall of 2007!

    2. Misspoke,…when I dug further it does list CS2, so I’m going to give it a try! Thanks! I have a new toy….Yippee! Happy Dance!

  2. Oh I’m glad. I do love it and will probably end up buying the full suite. I took a Photoshop class from the Guru’s here a while back and the On One guys were there. They are awesome. :}

    1. Oh, this is SOOOOO much fun!!! Wow! Thank you so much for the link to On One. It is fabulous! I’m so bummed, I have work to do tonight and out of the office tomorrow and Thursday, won’t get to play much. Foot stomp!

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