Day 89/365: Coop de Ville, a Shopping Paradise

For the next two days I’m going to break out of the typical 365 Project rules. I took so many neat pictures during my shopping trip at Coop de Ville and  Feathers that I’m going to expand a little and break out of the one photo limit. Won’t do this often, but hopefully you’ll forgive me this time.

Welcome to Feathers

Coop de Ville & Feathers are two dynamite retail stores. They have everything a chick needs for her home, her garden, her gift giving needs and herself.

Feathers Gift Shop- Louisville, NE

Unique way of displaying jewelry and scarves.

Photoshop notes: the lighting was perfect in the store, nice big windows so the only adjustment I did was add an artistic plastic wrap effect.

Don't forget to look UP!!

Why does an old refrigerator door look perfect on this wall and not mine? I just couldn’t pull off the forks and knives either.

You look Maaaarvelous My Dear

Around every corner is a new visual vision for the eyes, something unexpected, whimsical, and things that are normally out of place, look like they belong. Don’t know her name, but she looks Maarvelous!

Paperdoll Wall

Across from the lady in the bathtub is this wall, yes decoupaged with paperdolls and whimsical funny sayings. “Being in therapy is great, I spend an hour talking about myself. It’s kinda being a guy on a date.  Caroline Shea” or “It’s the good girls who keep diaries, bad girls don’t have the time- Takiah Bankhead” Note the whimsical light at the top and the old hair dryer? There is so much to see in each room, around every corner that it’s easy to miss things.

Don’t worry, I’ll revisit the stores, there will be random posts throughout the year, but if you would like to get a regular does of whimsy visit the Coop de Ville & Feathers  Facebook page. Both stores are located in Louisville Nebraska, just 30 minutes from Lincoln or Omaha. If you visit, reserve and afternoon.

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