Day 84/365: Look Out It’s a Pink Pig

Day 84: Pink Pig

It’s a giant pink inflatable pig! He lives in my living room and is used as a bouncy chair, similar to how an large 3 foot exercise ball is used. Not for exercise, but to sit on. This carnival prize was won for my daughter at the Cass County Fair several years ago and I really do think it’s an exercise ball inside considering how sturdy it’s been. Pig doesn’t have a name and he’s starting to deflate, notice the saggy bottom, but keeps getting blown up because he’s a favorite.

The boys have a deal, whoever get’s “pig” has to use the corded Xbox remote, the person with the seat gets the cordless. See getting to sit on “Pig” is a privilege and that means you don’t get the good remote. First thing that I hear before an Xbox game is started with a group of boys is, “Where’s the pig?”

Now excuse me while I bounce on pig.


2 thoughts on “Day 84/365: Look Out It’s a Pink Pig

    1. I didn’t think the pig would become such an integral part of my living room furniture, especially since the boys are seniors in high school.

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