Day 82/365: The Story of A Puppy Mill Chihuahua

Day 82: Hallee in her new coat

Here is my friend Hallee, isn’t she just the cutest little Chihuahua? Her Mom is a friend of mine in Lincoln Nebraska who has been so helpful in many ways this past year. Evie lost her beloved Boxer Princess the past year and Hallee came to fill that hole in her heart.

Seems that Halee’s life didn’t start too well, she was a result of finding an ad in a newspaper and when Evie and her friend went in late October to pick her out the place was a puppy mill.¬† Hallee and her litter mates were in an outdoor pen without shelter, she weighed less than two pounds. Supposedly Hallee was 6 weeks old at the time, the bones in her head hadn’t even begun to fuse yet.

Hallee was scooped up and the two friends stormed out of there and immediately reported the breeder. Hallee then became the most pampered pooch. She got a clean bill of health from the veterinarian and started accompanying her neighbor chihuahua friend Prissy to assisted swimming.

Because she was so tiny, insecure, and young she spent the next few weeks swaddled in a blanket cuddled up with Evie for security. As she grew she started to explore her surroundings, play with toys and become socialized. But she was still young, uncoordinated, and afraid of people. She would stay glued to Evie’s feet, hiding under her housecoat.

After much love and guidance from Evie, Hallee¬† is a bundle of energy who loves to zip around the room, chase tennis balls, play with toys, and gives puppy kisses to just about anyone who comes to visit. She’s about four and a half months old now and it’s been so fun to watch her grow and develop.

By the way, the cute little jacket I picked up for Hallee at my favorite thrift store, Bits and Pieces. Only $4.00 and it was part of the Elmwood-Murdock High School FBLA consignment booth. There was a small collection of dog clothes, along with the homemade doggy biscuits and treats, and I thought this one was perfect for Hallee.

Photoshop Notes: After the standard actions of layers and resizing the only thing I did was clone out a toothbrush that Hallee was standing over that distracted from the picture.

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