Day 81/365: Antique Buttons Under Glass

Day 81: Buttons in a Jar

In my continuing Photoshop CS2 theme here is my latest experimentation. The original shot of antique button in canning jars was blurry, but I really liked the composition. So I decided to play with it to salvage my photo of the day. The other pictures I took today were glorified snapshots and I’m trying to push the envelope when I have the time.

Once again this photo location was Bit’s and Pieces thrift store (Elmwood, NE) in the antique consignment area. If I ever run out of ideas for photos this is where I will head. There is an never ending supply of interesting objects that will satisfy my creativity.

Photoshop CS2 notes: Action (Standard adjustment layers), desaturated about 25%, increased the red, green, blue, +43 , +36,  +78 in Color Adjustment and Added a Crosshatch Filter Brushstroke filter

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    1. Thanks, I’m getting the hang of it, kinda, have some new pics I want to play with, but I’m still not using near the power that the program has.

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