Day 80/365: Colorful Gumballs

Day 80: Gumballs & Playing in Photoshop

Yes, my photo opportunities disappeared with the setting of the sun so I went into my daughters room for inspiration. This led me on a 30 minutes exploration into different Photoshop effects to brighten images and make my images “Pop”.  What better image to try this on than a container full of gumballs. All the colors of the rainbow.

I tried the Shadow/Highlight function which works well, and also adding a select color layer. I like that layer and might add it to my actions. You can tweak just certain colors in an image, like make the green or blue deeper or richer without affecting the whole image.I have another gumball image that I’ll post in my Flickr account. Should show up below in the right hand border soon.

I welcome Photoshop tips, I have CS2, no light box or anything else fancy, but I am looking to stretch.

Can you tell my kids aren’t home tonight? Otherwise I wouldn’t be on the computer.

3 thoughts on “Day 80/365: Colorful Gumballs

  1. Great shot Dawn! The colors certainly do pop. Good luck with your Photoshop explorations. I’ve been experimenting with similar features in Lightroom 3. Both have a lot of power, but are a lot to learn. Fun to play with though!

    1. Thanks Jim, you’re right that they are a lot to learn. I’m trying to go beyond the 10% of a program that people use and kick it up a notch. But one step at a time. Part of my goal of my 365 project is to improve my Photoshop skills.

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