Day 79/365: The Wind in a Pup’s Ears

Puppy Spring Day

What a gorgeous day, called for a short walk with my pooch Brody before supper. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze at the elementary school playground. Enough of a wind to blow his ear back, they don’t normally stick up. He was so happy sitting with his face to the sun and running around.

He normally wears a harness and I use a 16 foot retractable leash, but you can’t see it here. I wonder why? Smile. I’m getting better at PhotoShop. Smile.


Photoshop Notes: I have set up actions that automatically duplicate the background, add adjustment layers, resize, and smart sharpen to 11%. All with a click of one button. So easy and fast! Love it! With this image I adjusted the brightness , contrast, and reduced the saturation on Brody’s white fur. I also adjusted the exposure and the shadow/highlight slightly. Oh, and last but not least I cloned out the black chest harness and leash.


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