Day 78/365: Nebraska’s Foggy Countryside

Day 78: Nebraska Lifting Fog

A sign that spring is on it’s way, foggy days. The farmers around here very much believe in  “90 day Fog Days.” Which is supposed to indicate that 90 days after fog there will be precipitation. Since the fog lingered all day, this photo was taken in the later afternoon we should get a lot of rain on May 18th.

This photo was taken looking east on Elmwood Nebraska as the waning sun hit the fields and illuminated the lifting fog.Who said we don’t have high rise buildings. We have grain elevators at the Farmers Co-op.



Photoshop Notes. Standard adjustment layers, smart sharpen 11%, custom saturated the foreground, brightened and contrasted slightly

2 thoughts on “Day 78/365: Nebraska’s Foggy Countryside

  1. Makes me miss my small hometown in WI – countryside and farms and such a peace… you inspire me! I’m excited to get out (when this cold in MN goes away!) and get some good landscape pictures that don’t include snow. 🙂

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