Day 74/365: Sweet Sixteen Today

Sweet Sixteen Cake and Candles

Sometimes I get so caught up in being your Mom-

still trying to look out for you

and worrying about every little thing-

that I don’t take the time to tell you what you deserve to hear.


I’m amazed by you-

with everything you’ve accomplished,

and how busy you are every day,

you’re still one of the kindest,

most thoughtful people I know.


I’m inspired by you-

your courage, your ambition,

the way you look at life.

Even when things are challenging,

you keep your positive attitude.


I’m proud of you-

and always have been.

You know exactly you you are

and you do a beautiful job of expressing it.

I love watching you be “you”

And I love being you Mom.


Happy Sweet Sixteen my Wonderful Daughter, Love Mom

4 thoughts on “Day 74/365: Sweet Sixteen Today

    1. Thanks, the poem isn’t mine, it’s on the birthday card I gave her. But I’m very selective about cards and I got weepy when I read it. She loved it too and I got a sweet smile in return.

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