Day 73/365: Dancing Shoes

Day 73: Dancing Shoes

My plans for today was to get a picture of the local high school Sweetheart Dance. an image of  hearts, valentines, red, pink, dancing, decorations, you know all the foo foo romantic stuff. This plant went straight out the window when I saw two girls standing in the middle of the floor in their red and black dresses and shoes. Classy shoes, which really stood out against the gymnasium floor.

So Kolbi and Emily, thanks for being my leg models this evening.

Photoshop notes: Added adjustment levels, the basic color, brightness/contrast, and saturation, to counteract the yellow glare from the gym floor.

5 thoughts on “Day 73/365: Dancing Shoes

    1. That’s what I thought, I’m trying to look at life from a different point of view, the girls were standing in the middle of the floor and had GREAT shoes! They loved it!

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