Day 72/365: Super Target, It’s Huge!!

Day 72: Shopping

The Super Target in the Omaha L Street Market is huge!  It goes on forever and ever! I went in for a Valentine card, my daughter Birthday card, and socks for my son. Ended up walking a half a mile. Really it did. Never fails, whatever you’re needing is in opposite sections of the store. Then you remember something else you need and trek back to the far section again. This particular store is 174,000 sq feet and one half is the grocery section which I didn’t even venture into on this trip.

I do like Target, much more than Walmart. Target has higher quality items and for a chain department store the home decor section makes me drool.  I did resist, I made the conscience decision not to get a cart. That strategy has worked more than once. You can only buy what you can carry.

This store was so bright, clean, such a contrast from the Walmart at the other end of the shopping plaza, which feels like warehouse. Target has an actual finished ceiling, instead of open pipes and heating ducts. The floor is finished and not polished concrete, again like Walmart. Makes the shopping experience so much more relaxing and enjoyable. Maybe the concept is people will feel more comfortable, shop longer and spend more money. I might have, it I had a cart.

Photoshop Notes: In addition to the standard adjustment layers I posterized the image and it really made a difference in the image clarity giving it more depth. The original was looked  a dull and boring. I wasn’t getting the same bright crisp effect in the photograph that I got in person. First time experimenting with this function and I’m going to have to use it more often.