Day 71/365: Purses and Camera Bags

Purses, Purses and more purses. A trip to my local thrift store, Bits N’ Pieces on a quest for a purse that I can convert to a  camera bag.

Thirft store shopping for a camera bag

Day 71: Thrift Store Shopping

I’m really not purse obsessed, but I do get bored with the same one and have to switch it out every few months. For that reason I can’t justify spending a small fortune on a purse, so I keep my eyes open for bargains at thrift stores. I’m on a quest for purses that can be converted to a camera case.

 BBP DSLR Camera Insert, Make Your Own Camera Bag – Orange

Now, if I were to go and buy a brand new purse it would have to be multi-purpose for me that means a combination purse and camera bag. I like to carry my photo gear with me everywhere, you never know when you’re going to see an amazing sunset, a bald eagle, or a perfect photo opportunity.

Red Tote & Shoot Camera Bag By

But, I don’t like carrying my camera bag separately. Nor, do I like using my plain, boring camera bag as my handbag. I may not have much fashion sense, but I do know that black does NOT go with everything. A camera bag can be stylish and functional at the same time.

Purse and Camera Bag Combination

Each one of these fashionable camera bags also has the convenience of extra pockets for wallets, cell phones, keys and credit cards. I haven’t decided which one I want yet. But so far I like the looks of the Tote and Shoot variety which has a separate zippered pouch to easily pull out your camera, it not only has the short straps but a cross-body strap for a “hands free” carrying option. Kinda like a messenger bag.

Kattee Canvas Cow Leather DSLR SLR VintageKattee Fashion PU Leather Canvas DSLR CameraGracie MintRed Tote & Shoot Camera Bag ByCosmos New Classic Vintage Casual Brown ShoulderKattee Vintage PU Leather/ Canvas DSLR CameraKelly Moore Posey 2 Women’s Multifunction CameraBlue Tote & Shoot Camera Bag By

4 thoughts on “Day 71/365: Purses and Camera Bags

    1. Me too! The only problem with the purse is it’s too deep, everything gets lost and I can’t find anything in those purses. I follow the function over form rule in my decision process, otherwise I’d have WAY too many purses.

  1. I so agree, I absolutely always need room inside purse for camera and then the regular stuff. I have of recent used my Vera Bradley giant soft cloth purse, however is does not have padding for the camera. Thinking should get foam ball and stick inside of that, and then in purse. Will invent something : D

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