Day 68/365: Super Bowl, Go Packers

Day 58: Go Packers

I’m not a big sports fan, I like college football better than pro, and normally only watch a couple of games per year of NFL Football. Doesn’t mean that I can’t follow a game and know the general rules, just don’t ask me what blocking is, I have still have no idea even though it’s been explained to me numerous times.

But I do like the drama and excitement of the Super Bowl. If it’s a close game, which was definitely delivered in Super Bowl XLV. I did have a favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. There is something about a pro football team that still has the guts to play in “real weather” the way football was designed. Rough, tough, down and dirty. Reminds me of the days watching football with my Dad when the teams played in rain, sleet and snow.

Roughing the quarterback wasn’t an issue then, it’s football, the goal is to tackle the guy with the ball. So, getting back to the Green Bay Packers. They are the only team still owned by a city, not by “fat cats” with millions of dollars and expensive sky boxes who just want to own a football team. This bonds the fans with the team and the players with the fans. Not to mention you have to be a little crazy to go shirtless in freezing weather to watch a game. That’s dedication. Lambeau Field is the oldest pro sports stadiums in the country and the proximity of the fans to the field is second to none. They can literally reach out and touch them. Better than that…

The Packers do this thing called the Lambeau Leap.  Many players after scoring touchdowns literally leap into the stands to be embraced by their fans. This is awesome!!!!