Day 60/365: Window Shopping

Day 60: Bit's & Pieces

I love my local thrift store, Bit’s N’ Pieces.  I really do, not only have I gotten great bargains, but I can count on friendly conversation on Saturday morning when I go in to browse. It’s not often, ok never, that I leave empty handed. This is just one of the beautifully decorated windows that change with the seasons.

Bit’s and Pieces Thrift Store is operated by the Elmwood Christian Church in Elmwood Nebraska. I don’t remember how long it’s been in business but it was originally opened as a way to raise money for the church that had burned down. Kinda of an indoor-garage-sale concept. Well, the success was overwhelming. At first it was only going to be open long enough to pay back the loan for the church. It became such a fixture that no one wanted to see it close. So volunteers still operate the store and profits go back to the church to benefit the community.

Elmwood has a population of less than 800 people and soon it was the place to find Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and just about anything you needed, or didn’t need, you could get there. My latest find was a LL. Bean Woolen woolen dress coat for $4.99, retail price $199.00.

I think this may be another topic I’ll highlight, Thrift Store finds…hmmm the treasures we will find. Remember my Uggs?

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