Day 55/365: Brody, the Toy Destroyer

Day 55: Another toy bites the dust

For those who have been following, I have been searching for the indestructible squeaky toy. I searched online and found a company that advertises Mighty Dog Toys, “Rethink Durability” from, well let’s just say even a toy ranked 9 on the durability scale didn’t survive Brody.

This little foxes ears and tail were the first to go, then a hole in it’s side, and the stuffing came out within two hours. I do have to state a disclaimer. The company clearing states that these toys are meant for interactive fun and play and not meant as a chew toy. Very few have tried to get a squeaky toy away from a Jack Russel. He doesn’t want to let go.

6 thoughts on “Day 55/365: Brody, the Toy Destroyer

  1. LOL I had to laugh at this because we have the issue with my pomeranian Cullen. I bought him a dinosaur made of the most bizarre material that was supposed to be “chew proof.” Yah…less than 30 minutes later the dinosaur was missing both of his ears. Brody is so cute!

  2. LOL…nothing beats a Great Pyranese as a destruction machine, my Cash would haul down tree branches, 12 foot long & 10 inches around for his chew toya…also in winter he would work on deer carcusses the hunters of coycotes would bring down. He also was known to bring home neighbor kid’s toys & stuffed animals too…I had to “rescue” a plastic sled he swiped from next door 2 winters ago & return it before he chewed it up….not once but 5 times ….LOL…. Nothing is safe from a “Chewbaka” dog like Cash hahaha.

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