Day 54/365: BOCH Music Festival

Day 54: Honor Choir, Band and Orchestra

I’m taking some time out to be a Mom. My son sang in last weekends Honor Choir during the BOCH Festival. This stands for the Honor Band, Orchestra, and Choir at the Holland Center Festival, which was held in Omaha Nebraska Sunday February 22, 2011. He is a senior in high school and sings Bass II. He is right of middle, in a white shirt and tie. You can see him can’t you?

Only last year did he even begin to start participating in honor choirs and events. It wasn’t for a lack of talent.  Mrs. Colbert, his choir director, had been begging him to audition for years. Now he has the bug and has two more honor choir concerts in the next three weeks. Maybe it was singing at Carnegie Hall last year that did the trick. Whatever it was I’m enjoying it immensely.

Students were selected by audition and chosen from hundreds of students across the state and even some from Minnesota and Missouri. It’s quite an honor. Hence the name Honor Choir. Only two whole days were spent practicing their music, but remember, these are the most talented voices in the state. They were long days, singing for six hours a day and only one piece was in English. (just why do they do that?) But the result was simply wonderful!

Elmwood-Murdock high school had 15 students accepted into the choir, half in the Women’s Chorus and the other half in the Mixed Chorus. The photo above is bother choirs combined for the final number performed with the band and orchestra. America the Beautiful.

When the audio selections are made available I will post them for your listening enjoyment. For now, just call me a proud Mom. Yeah, he’s going to hate this post if he finds it, but at least I didn’t give his name.