Day 52/365: Angus Cow

Day 52: Angus Cow

If this cow could talk it would say. Yeah it’s cold, but we live in Nebraska, so what you complaining about.  These Angus cattle looked pretty comfortable in the corn stalk field as I stopped the car to take pictures. How do I know they look comfortable. They weren’t huddled together to stay warm, but were scattered on the ridge-line casually eating corn and stalks. (There are more pictures of them in my Flickr page.) They probably thought I had some range cubes  or Crystalx tubs for them as they started walking towards me.

Seeing how I’m an Animal Science major from Oklahoma State University I could probably, and should, say more about this breed. But it’s late and I’m behind on my posting. I will that Angus cattle say they are the most popular breed in the mid-west and cows are often crossed with Herefords and called “Black Baldies” (love that name) . Their meat is considered the best in the world and the Japanese especially insist on “Black” Angus  beef. They will even visit Nebraska and inspect the cattle before they are purchased to assure the black purity.

Angus branded beef is considered premium, and displays significant marbling which results in superior taste, tenderness, and juiciness to other domestic cattle. There isn’t anything better than a  Angus T-Bone steak cooked on the grill in the summer.

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