Day 50/365: Airport Adventure, With My Marine

Can you find my Marine son in this picture? It’s as if he’s playing hide and seek. Now I can see why US Marines do not wear their cammies, ACU’s, or uniforms in public. They would stand out, and the purpose of camouflage is to hide and fit in with your environment.  The official regulations  on wearing uniforms at certain times is very strict in the Marine Corps and much too long to describe here. Since Nathan is strongly apposed to wearing it, I’m sure there are good reasons.

Day 50: Find the Marine

There is quite a bit of uniform envy around, if you can call it that, on both sides of the fence, with some very heated opinions on the pro and con. If you’re interested you can read more on the Terminal Lance forum. Terminal Lance also has a pretty funny Marine comic site that both my sons love to read.

Day 50: My son the Marine

We had quite the day, arrived at the Omaha Epply Airport early at 8:00 am just to find out we were six hours too early. So I got some extra quality one-on-one time with my son that we didn’t get during his leave.

The only thing I regretted was not being able to sleep late and wash my hair in the shower this morning.   To make it up he paid for my breakfast, blueberry pancakes, went shopping, and ran some errands  in Omaha. Lunch at Arby’s, again his treat.

Yup, I had a good day.

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  1. Wow, Dawn, you have done a great job, he has grown up into a fine young man…to think, I had the joy of watching him as a kid, he was a fine little man back then LOL Tell Nate we are so proud of him & thankful for his service to this great country of ours 🙂 & tell him Dee says take care & I will keep him in my prayers.

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