Day 46/365: Belly Button Piercing

Day 46: Jewelry in the Belly Button...oh my

This isn’t where I expected to give my daughter her sweet sixteen present. For some reason I was thinking more girly? She actually asked me last summer, while we were at Linoma Beach, and pointed out several belly button rings and jewelry. The approach was more like, “Would you consider letting me get one for my 16th birthday?” Considering this was more than six months away,  she had a good strategy.

My answer, “I will consider it, but can’t give you an answer yes or no.” She was happy with that and didn’t push. Occasionally I would get a reminder during the year, or a comment about friend or classmate who had a belly ring. Not pushy, and not every comment was positive, some were more inquisitive in the line “I wonder if I can still run track with one?”  But it was always followed by “Are you still considering it?”

Normal concerns circled around the possibility that belly bearing shirts would follow, but since she had never worn those before I was assured it wasn’t going to be a problem. This accessory was more of an addition to her existing bikini attire during pool, beach and sun bathing activities.

Timing was an issue. It needed to be early enough before swimming season so infection wouldn’t be a problem, and even leave some time to take Lifeguard classes in the spring, if she decided that was the summer job she wanted.

After consulting with many friends on where they went to get theirs done, we left on a chilly January Saturday to Dr. Jacks Tattoo and Piercing in Omaha, Nebraska. Walking in you would think every 16 year in Omaha had the same idea. It looked like a cheerleader convention. More young girls than anyone getting tattoos, maybe they need to rename the shop. After my ID and hers was checked against each others, Jen filled out the form and waited.

She was nervous, asking if it would hurt. The technician said, actually the anticipation is worse. It will be uncomfortable for about 1/2 second, some have told me it’s anticlimactic. I was impressed with the aftercare discussion. “For 48 hours, don’t touch it with your fingers, don’t wiggle, don’t move it, don’t slide it, don’t mess with it, just don’t.” A saline spray rinse was provided and instruction given. Found out later other locations have the cleaner as an “option” which you pay extra. Thus the reason for some infection stories we had heard during the last six months.

I wasn’t the only Mom with a camera, and Jen wasn’t complaining this time. Facebook pictures had to be posted,…duh? But not before she posted them. Hence the delay on this post.

Here is the result. Tiny, and so far, four days later no signs of redness, swelling or irritation. So I think it’s going to be fine.

Day 46: Belly Jewelry

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    1. Notice it took her 6 months to convince me,…I like to think I’m cool, but maybe just informed. She’s had no problems with it, no swelling, no redness, no infection. So it’s been kinda a non-event.

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