Day 44/365: Colonial Home

Day 44: Colonial Home

One of my fondest memories of my teen years was historic old Main Street in South Windsor. I would ride by bike from East Hartford every Saturday morning into the country to look at horses. I was just a little horse crazy as a 13 year old girl and knew where every horse lived on my four mile “route”.  People were more than friendly and let me pet and feed them carrots. This weekly ritual lasted many years and resulted in many friendships that have lasted over thirty years.

One of the families on my route took pity on me and convinced their son to let me ride their horse and eventually give me lessons. I got involved in the Scantic Valley Riders 4-H Club, and showed small sorrel quarter horse, Wimpy’s Kelley at the Hartford County 4-H Fair and the Wapping Fair in the late 1970’s.  She was the first horse I rode on a regular basis and lived over thirty years.

When I moved from New England I began to appreciate the history of the area and homes I took for granted that were built in the 1700’s were suddenly interesting. It’s part of the charm of the area that you can’t get anywhere else in the country. Homes built during the birth of our nation, historic homes still standing, like the one in the picture above that stands proudly under a blanket of snow.