Day 40/365: Friendly’s Sundae Break

Day 40: Friendly's Sundae Break

Oh, how this Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae at Friendly’s Restaurant hit the spot. Every part of this sundae from the whipped cream to the smooth ice cream and rich hot chocolate was so delicious and the best part is I shared it with my best friend Laura.

A friend who opened up her door early Saturday morning at 1:30 am and let me crash on her couch, a friend who held my hand through the worst of the day, and a friend who from across 1500 miles still knows when I need a phone call before I do.

We don’t have Friendly’s Restaurants in Nebraska, and every time I go home to Connecticut this tradition has to be fulfilled. There isn’t any other ice cream restaurant like it in the United States. Sure, they serve food, and other restaurants serve ice cream, but none dedicates a whole menu just to sundaes.

A little part of world disappeared as we sat, laughed, and made mmmmm,….,mmmmm sounds as we savored our twin mint chocolate chip sundaes.

Day 40: Couldn't resist another picture...a "Happy Ending"


4 thoughts on “Day 40/365: Friendly’s Sundae Break

  1. Ahh…Friendly’s. They don’t have them where I am now, but being a child in upstate NY, it was always an awesome treat when the parents would take us to Friendly’s. 🙂

    I’m glad your friend was there to comfort you in this trying time. Great way to capture that memory. 🙂

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