Day 19/365: Christmas Lights and Giant Snowman

I love driving around looking at Christmas lights. I had so many photo opportunities today that I really couldn’t decide which one to post for my 365 project.

But today the Snowman won out and it includes a bonus image. Mainly because I’m getting better at taking photographs in low light and was very happy with the results. So I’m celebrating!


Day 19: Giant Snowman

Every year the decorations get more elaborate and to me it’s never too much. I like lots and lots of lights, but I do have to caveat it though.

My husband thinks the house below is a little bit gaudy though. I’m in agreement there. It doesn’t coordinate, there isn’t a theme and it looks as if they just went to a garage sale, bought every random string of Christmas lights and put them on the house.

Day 19: Bonus, Christmas lights

Synchronized light shows set to music are my favorite and in just about every town you can find a directory to the local area light shows. Find the AM station on the radio, listen to the music in your car and enjoy.

Christmas Lights Around the Country

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