Day 16/365: Santas in the Choir

Today I’m being indulgent, and being a very proud Mom. If my son ever see’s this he’ll be mad, trust me, but I’m going to post it anyway. Tonight was Elmwood-Murdock High School Winter Concert and this was taken during song Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. He’s the tall Bass in the back.

My youngest son is a high school senior and his choir director always said he had a wonderful voice. But he really didn’t take notice until a couple of years ago. Maybe it was singing in Carnegie Hall (yes, the one in New York City)ย  that he realized “Hey, this is pretty cool” .

Then he began to sing out. He has since auditioned for several honor choirs in Nebraska andย  just got accepted to the UNO Honor Choir and the Hastings Honor choir.

Yeah, this picture is not the best quality, too far away, low res, but remember I said I’m being indulgent. So the image is small. But isn’t the point of the project is to chronicle your life? Oh course it is, so no apologizing. On with self promotion!

My main job during the high school concerts is to run the video camera. That’s my other hobby, video editing. To hear Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus visit my YouTube channel. I promise you it’s pretty amazing. Yes, they lost the Santa hats.

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