Day 13/365: Christmas Cookies

Cookie baking is over for the season. They are ready to ship and distribute. Tried a few new recipes, one I will definitely keep is the Molasses Spice Sugar Cookies. Wow! They are  delicious, especially dunked in milk. Recipe will be following, so subscribe to the RSS feed at the top and it will be arriving shortly.

Couldn’t decide on one picture today, so here are two.

Day 13/365: Christmas Cookies, Ready to Ship

Day 13/365: Getting the tins ready

6 thoughts on “Day 13/365: Christmas Cookies

  1. YUM!!!!! That looks delicious! I think the second one is my favorite, but probably just because there’s more cookies. I think you’ve inspired me to bake today!! : )

    1. I have twelve tins done, now it’s a matter of shipping them and writing out my list, church, school, neighbors etc. Every year I say the list will get shorter, never does.

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