Day 12/365: Vintage Santa

If this vintage Santa looks like he was singed by a smoky fire, he was, a long time ago in the early 1970’s.  This Santa lived in Warehouse Point Connecticut in my God Mother’s house.  Granny (Alice) Turcotte was a wonderful women and starting in her 50’s took in foster kids that few others had the patience and love to give. Each had either a mental or physical challenge. Some stayed a few days, or weeks, others stayed their entire lives.

One night her collie,  Lollipop, started barking. A fire had been started in a trash can in the upstairs bathroom by one of the kids playing with matches. Smoke quickly filled the two story house. Lollipop went to each of the bedrooms and woke everyone up. She literally saved their lives. I was quite young at the time and I remember Christmas was held downstairs that year while the upstairs was being remodeled.

This vintage Santa survived the fire and Granny Turcotte said the the soot on his beard served as reminder of the miracle that year that God was watching out for his children. Santa sits out at my house to remind me of Granny Turcotte, her faith, and the unselfish love she showed toward others. I  miss her and wish I could spend a Sunday afternoon at her house again.

Day 12: Vintage Santa

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