Day 7/365: Christmas Tree Memories

Choosing today’s picture was tough, I have so many memories on my Christmas tree. While many have a color theme and coordinating bulbs and garland, my tree tells a story.

So I’ll start the story with this vintage ornament.

When my parents first got married they bought a box of bulbs for their tree. Although their 40 year marriage had it’s ups and down, this gold bulb is a reminder of my Dad who passed away in 1995, and of my Mom who still lives in the same house in Connecticut.

I have only two, just a few that has survived over 50 years. When I was a child there was a certain order to placing the ornaments and stories that went with each one. As children my brother and I weren’t allowed to handle these vintage ornaments, for fear of breaking them.

Now I hang them, out of reverence, and tradition.

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