The 365 Day Photo Challenge

A Favorite from Last year

This is it. I’m officially starting the Project 365 project. That means everyday for the next 365 days I will be taking a photograph representing a day in the life in Nebraska.

Why? Why stress myself out? Add one more thing to my day? Many reasons, and I’m going to list them, just for the simple fact that I’m justifying this project.

  1. I love photography.
  2. Improve my photography skills. (hopefully)
  3. Expand my “daily box” outside of work.
  4. Expand my creativity and eye for art
  5. It will be fun, I hope, … (remind me on day 300)
  6. Widen my social media circle and skills.
  7. I love a good challenge me. (Ask me again at day 200)
  8. Give me a vast array of entries for the County Fair (smirk)
  9. Give me a reason to carry my camera with me all the time (I often miss great pictures, because it’s sitting at home)
  10. Improve my Photoshop skills.
  11. Give me a reason to update my blog and use the quick update function.
  12. Create a calendar theme for next year.
  13. Did I say I love photography?

Flickr has various Project 365 groups and here is my 365 Photos- A Day in the Life, Nebraska Style album. I’m sure that when day 30 hits I’m going to be wondering why I started this endeavor. So, comments, hints, tips and encouragement is welcome.

5 thoughts on “The 365 Day Photo Challenge

  1. Today is my Day 57 of project365, and it’s been a blast so far! When you post on twitter tag it with “#project365” That’s how I found lots of other project365 bloggers! Good luck!!!!!

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