County Fair Time, Oh Yeah

The time has come for the county fair, and in Cass County Nebraska it’s a really big deal. Some call it the social event of the year, especially the teenagers. The theme last year was “Meet You At The Fair” and it was very appropriate. Where else in the county do more than thousands of people congregate at the same time socially?

It’s fun to catch up with friends, people watch and admire the open class and 4-H entries.  The open class building is probably the most popular place to visit and it’s not just for the air conditioning, although that helps. Fun lies in checking out all the entries in the photography, sewing, cooking, gardening, and crafts categories.

I have been entering photographs for over 15 years, and have won many purple ribbons, a few Reserves and one Champion. That was before the advent of digital and since then the entries have skyrocketed. Here are a few that I’m entering this year. I’ll update this after the judging and post my results.

Vietnam War Memorial- Memorial Day

Vietnam Ware Memorial- Memorial Day 2010

Vietnam Ware Memorial- Memorial Day 2010

The Wall- Memorial Day 2010

David- Civil War Reenactment

Spring Strawberry

Country Breakfast of Berries

Batters' Concentration

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