Sorcerer’s Apprentice-My Experience

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Being from Nebraska I don’t get to see filming of major motion pictures very often. Yes, the picture to the left was taken by me and it was during the filming of the new film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice starring Nicolas Cage.

I was in New York City near the end of May 2009, the local high school choir had been invited to sing at Carnegie Hall and I was a trip sponsor.  Watching this was one of many trip highlights.

Trucks started showing up in the early day, fancy expensive cars, Maserati’s and Ferrari’s  you know, the ones the guys drool over. It wasn’t until about midnight that the shooting began.

This particular scene was shot right below my hotel window at the Marriott west of 7th Avenue south of Central Park. One would think that a Hollywood set is exciting and bustling, but it’s apparent there is a lot of waiting. All day there were rumors that Nicolas Cage was going to appear, but the film staff said “No, these are scenes without Cage, he isn’t in NYC right now”. I’m sure it was to discourage gawkers and fans, but it didn’t work.

Fans and film buffs were in abundance taking pictures of anyone who looked important. I really wanted to see Jerry Bruckheimer , but I didn’t know what he looked like, so just snapped away. Below are some pictures from the shoot, a chase scene was being filmed down Broadway and rumor had it there was a curse on the film. There had already been two crashes where people were injured. Nicolas Cage was even reported to have hired a voodoo priestess to remove the curse, only in Hollywood.

Enjoy the pictures.

Nicolas Cage