Introducing Brody

My Dog looks like Wishbone the Jack Russell

Brodys’ Pawprint Ear Looks like Wishbone

My Jack Russell Terrier

Let me introduce Brody. He’s my six year old Jack Russel Terrier that I rescued in 2005 from the Nebraska Jack Russell Rescue. I thought we were going to do agility together, but with three kids and life being as it is, we didn’t get to it, now I wonder if he’s too old to start.

The rescue had a lot of dogs and most of the “Jacks” were bouncing off their kennel and barking. Brody was the only one who stood calmly in his kennel and just looked at me as if to say, “If I’m really good and calm she will take me home, those other dogs don’t know anything.” We walked out and he passed his first “test”, a cat. Didn’t even give the cat the time of day. Now it’s a different story, but only if the cat runs, if the cat ignores him, he ignores the cat.

He was found wandering around Des Moines and based on his aggressive eating had not seen food on a regular basis. The bowl went across the room, food went everywhere. That was the first training step in his education. Sit, stay, wait, then eat.

Jack Russell Terrier with Gentle Leader

The Gentle Leader collar taken off the nose.

Brody is my walking buddy we normally go for 3-5 miles on the trail. He also loves to snuggle on the couch and give kisses. When I’m working at my desk buddy as he sits at my feet for a tummy rub, he likes how my toes get all the itchy places.

I love going for walks, but Brody lunges at EVERYTHING, seriously a bird flying overhead, leaves blowing and every time he almost rip my arm from my shoulder.

My Favorite Jack Russell Training Tools

So how did I stop my dog from pulling on a leash? I tried almost every training technique. But none worked. I tried a body harness, it didn’t work either. The only product that stopped him from pulling was the Gentle Leader head collar. I wish I had taken a video, but literally I could walk him with one finger after just a week.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, Medium, FawnPetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, Large, Black/SilverJack Russell Terrier Training, Think Like a Dog, But Don’t Eat your Poop!: Here’s EXACTLY How To Train Your Jack Russell Terrier (Volume 2)Jack Russell Terriers For Dummies

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