NKC Dog Show-Mission

Madison & Memphis

This weekend I spent a lot of time at the Nebraska Total Dog Experience Show in Omaha, Nebraska. I started working for Pet and Kennel Supply this spring as their marketing manager but, I love dogs of sizes¬† so it’s really not like work. But that can be my little secret.

I also enjoy meeting interesting people and people watching, in this case it’s a combination of people and dog watching.

I met Memphis and Madison, wonderful Great Danes from the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, and Trace, and 18 month rambunctious Afghan Hound who was a delight. Trace was the 6th generation of dogs the Watling Street Kennel has raised, and she was absolutely beautiful inside and out.

My task was to network with any of our vendors that were exhibiting and establish relationship to further marketing campaigns. This included talking with NutriSource, Purina, and ProPac representatives, learning about their products and brainstorming marketing efforts.

Afghan Hound

Trace the Afghan Hound

My brain was on overload as I was connecting a social media cloud on possible blog articles, facebook page updates, twitter connections that could be made with product tie-ins, human interest, and dog information. Fresh material, not rehashed information that seems to clutter cyberspace and get lost in the shuffle.

So like someone said before, “Someone stuck a quarter in her, she’s up at 1am writing”¬† More updates to follow as I met more interesting people and dogs at the show.