Busy Buddy Waggle Interactive Dog Toy

I have to give kudos to a fellow blogger, Barking Out Loud, who reminded why I love this interactive dog toy. IT’s not just tough, but it’s a treat dispenser, so a double bonus.  Keeps him entertained for hours, okay, maybe not hours, but a long time.

When I first got my Jack Russell Terrier, Brody in 2005,  the Busy Buddy “Pet Waggle” treat toy  was the first toy he received. Eleven years later, it’s the only dog toy he hasn’t destroyed. Literally, it’s an indestructible dog toy.

It doesn’t have a squeaker, but he loves it still the same. ATTENTION: Busy Buddy makes an indestructible squeaky toy now!!

Indestructible and Interactive dog toy

Brody can destroy ANY squeaky plush dog toy in less than 30 minutes, many times less than five minutes. I’ve actually taken to timing how long one will last. I think the record was 2 minutes. Just take a look in his toy basket below and you can see the “skins” of eviscerated  toys and other casualties. He can even destroy Kong toys, which are supposed to be tough. I don’t throw the fluff-less carcasses away, they have come in handy years later when we had our puppies, they like to play with the squeaker-less snakes.

Brodys' Basket of Toys

Find the Busy Buddy Dog Toy

Brody is very food orientated and food driven. I put his dog kibble in the ends of the Busy Buddy dumbbell and he throws it around the room waiting for the treats to fall out. It keeps him occupied, and he thinks he’s getting a treat through out the day.

It can be very challenging as the kibble just doesn’t fall out. I feed my dog IAMS Active Mini Chunk and it fits perfectly in the ends. Unlike Yoda dog, I didn’t remove any of the prongs, Brody has enough chew power to will the pieces of food to come out.

Many times I will just put his dog food in the holes and that’s how he gets his meals. Not from his bowl that he can devour in less than 30 seconds.  Thanks Yoda for reminding me how much I love this dog toy.

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