Good N’ Plentys

Food, or sometimes candy has the power to invoke memories and connect you to a person or an event.

I probably wouldn’t be a fan of Good & Plenty candy if it weren’t for my Dad. A month before he died I went to visit my Dad in the hospital. I wanted to give him something that would make him smile, and there wasn’t anything in the gift shop that met the criteria, except for a bag of Good & Plenty Candy.

Black licorice was his favorite candy, and I had this long ago memory that he liked the pink and white candies, that they were special to him.

As I laid the bag on his tray he looked at me and smiled. He poured them out and proceeded to separate the pink and white candies. Then he pushed the pink ones to me. I smiled as our eyes met. When I was a little girl he would share his Good & Plenty candies with me, the pink ones, because I was his little girl.

Now I eat them and remember my Dad, and smile.

One thought on “Good N’ Plentys

  1. This is a really sweet post. I too remember dividing up the little candies into their respective pink and white piles. Food has a great way of documenting so many memories. Thanks for visiting our blog!

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