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Glory Laud and Honor, My Favorite Hymn

Sometimes I think I look forward to Palm Sunday more than Easter. It’s when I get to sing Glory Laud and Honor and memories of my Godmother and growing up in a small country church in Connecticut come back to me. The significance of Palm fronds on Palm Sunday represents Jesus Christs triumphant entrance into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. It is the beginning of Holy Week for Christians and the celebration of His coming was a marked difference in how Christ was treated just a few days later on Good Friday.

Glory Laud and Honor

Traditional Hymn for Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week

At my small country church of Grace Episcopal in Broad Brook Connecticut we would be handed palms and then the whole church would parade around the church waving them and singing Glory Laud and Honor.The windows in the church would be open and the organ would echo the full refrain in celebration. My Godmother, Alice Turcotte, would hold my hand and smile at me as if this was the most wonderful moment ever. She often told me this was her favorite hymn, and it has held a special place in my heart ever since. Below you can listen and sing along with the lyrics to the traditional hymn.

Granny Turcotte was a wonderful person, after her husband died she was a foster parent to over twenty special needs kids and raised a brother and sister with muscular dystrophy  from infant to adulthood. With the crowds on Easter morning was harder and harder to bring Mary and James to Easter service. The regulars in the congregation knew them, didn’t stare, and thus made the service easier and welcoming. She would often skip Easter service and attend Palm Sunday service as she got older. She celebrated life as if every day were Palm Sunday, she was the epitome of what a Godmother is supposed to be and took her role seriously. 

We went to her church where I went to  Sunday school and repeated the lessons to her after church, she helped me learn the Lords Prayer, and had me recite my confirmation lessons and memory work. She gave me my first Bible and was there when I was confirmed. She died in 1988 and every Palm Sunday when I sing Glory Laud and Honor I get a lump in my throat as I remember her and the impact she had in my life.

Grace Episcopal church

Grace Episcopal church in Broad Brook Connecticut

Small country church in Broad Brook CT

Small country church in Broad Brook CT

I have been a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Murdock Nebraska for over twenty years and when I woke up this morning the first thing I thought of is I would get to hear and sing Glory Laud and Honor in church this morning. The tradition at Trinity is to hold the youth confirmation ceremony on Palm Sunday, and how appropriate it is to celebrate the newly confirmed members of the church.

Listen to a Palm Sunday sermon

What memories of church do you remember most? How do you celebrate Holy Week and Easter?


Glory Laud and Honor: History and Information 

The Golden Road to Samarqand: All Glory, Laud, and Honor

All Glory, Laud, and Honor. I have more to post about Palm Sunday later, but I wanted to get this up now. Originally posted April 9, 2006. And as he went, they spread their clothes in the way. And when he was come nigh, even …
Self-Absorbed Boomer: “All Glory, Laud and Honor.”

The traditional opening anthem for Palm Sunday services, as performed at King’s College, Cambridge, last year. The tune is “St. Theodulph” by Melchior Teschner (1584-1635), arranged by William Henry Monk (1823-1889).
Hymn #69: “All Glory, Laud and Honor” | The Beesley Project

I’d like to consider as a whole the hymn “All Glory, Laud, and Honor”. By “as a whole” I really mean lyrics plus lyricist plus the dates in which he lived. This is hymn has a few years on the others in the book. Its author …




Marine Corps Values

Marine Corps values of loyalty, pride, strength and integrity is what I have seen in my sons as they continue their career in the US Marines. If your son, or daughter is thinking about the Marine Corps I would highly recommend it. The delayed entry program through the local recruiting center gives them a taste of the leadership skills, teamwork, discipline and confidence building that will help them succeed during boot camp.

Recruits also learn the Young Marines Obligation, which states, “From this day forward, I sincerely promise, I will set an example for all other youth to follow and I shall never do anything that would bring disgrace or dishonor upon God, my Country and its flag, my parents, myself or the Young Marines. These I will honor and respect in a manner that will reflect credit upon them and myself. Semper Fidelis.”

In some area the Young Marines program is available for youth ages eight to 18. The program instills a sense of dedication, honor, and commitment to country along with patriotism. They learn to honor and respect themselves and others.

I am a very proud Marine Mom and designing Marine clothing and gifts on CafePress is just one way I express my pride. This design is one of my favorites. 

Marine Corps Values (T-Shirt)

Loyalty, Pride, Strength Plus Size T-Shirt

Find more womens & unique gifts at CafePress

Learn More About Marine Core Values

If you are considering the military, or if your children are considering a military career you should do your homework. Learn about the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, National Guard, as well as the Marines. Decide what career or job you would like to do and ask questions.

CORPS FITNESS | Marine Corps Values

Marine Corps Values. A few reminders of Corps Fitness’ roots on this Monday morning: The Marine Corps Values (source: Marine Corps HQ). Honor This is the bedrock of our character. It is the quality that empowers Marines …
The Marine Corps Way | Leadership – Sites At Penn State

… reasons, we stay and fight for each other and the belief that to let your brother or sister down is worse than death and that is the reason why we rely on each other to never give up which is one of the Marine Corps values.
Molly Marine 26Feb2014 Plt4007 | Women Marines Association

Being Platoon 4007′s Molly Marine means being a female that embodies the Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment. She cannot settle for mediocre but constantly push herself and those around her to reach …
BLACKFIVE: Mark Shields: America needs more Marine Corps values

Mark Shields: America needs more Marine Corps values. Posted By Uncle Jimbo • [July 23, 2010]. Yer Damn Skippy we do. Here is a great piece that extols the fact that the values America needs most are beautifully embodied in the Corps …



Return to Rolled Sleeves For the Marine Corps

Today, March 9th, 2014 is a return to rolled sleeves for the Marine Corps. You may not think rolling your long sleeves up to become a short sleeved shirt is big deal, but to the grunts, POGs, leathernecks and Devil Dogs of the USMC it’s a tradition, sets them apart, and it IS a big deal.

On October 18, 2011 the Marine Corps announced Marines would wear sleeves down all year round when not in a combat zone. In an online poll 90% did not like the change. Commandant General James F. Amos listened to his Marines (ok, they want more important things, but hey you take what you can get) and gave them back what they were wanting. Rolled sleeves. On February 25th 2014 he announced sleeves would return to rolled up status the word went viral across the internet. Even my sons took notice, can you tell who is no longer active duty?

Marine Corps returns to rolled sleeves


My oldest Marine EAS’ed as of January and lives in Chicago, he had to live with sleeves down in the heat of Yuma Arizona for several years, my youngest Marine son went through Marine boot camp learning to roll sleeves, but didn’t get to stick with the tradition very long before the rule changed. I’ll bet last week he was brushing up on his sleeve rolling skills. 

On March 9, 2014 the United States Marine Corps is returning to rolled sleeves after more than a two year hiatus for their summer uniform of desert digital camo.


For those Marines who have never rolled sleeves below is the official video from the United States Marine Corps on how to achieve fitted rolled sleeves on the desert blouse. Properly rolled sleeves should lay flush against the arms, look neat and professional without a lot of bulk. Can you believe it was the Marine Corps who taught my son to properly iron?

However, if a Marine has arms of a weight lifter, or “guns” that make the girls blush there is a trick to not cutting off your circulation. It’s called the “cut and stitch” method of rolled sleeves and many drill instructors use this uniform tactic without anyone knowing. My oldest Marine learned this tip in boot camp and when the sleeves down rule went into affect he had several blouses which were no longer usable.

The Marine Corps is the only branch of the military who rolls their sleeves as part of the official uniform. I’m taking a poll on whether you like the reinstated rolled uniform sleeves. Anyone can vote, you don’t have to be a Marine, I’m just curious. Leave a comment below with your opinion after your vote. Thanks for your opinion.

online poll by Opinion Stage

Read What the Rest of the Marines Are Saying About Rolled Sleeves

Sun’s out, guns out: Rolled sleeves to make return with Marines

SAN DIEGO — Good news, Marines and fans of Marine biceps (ahem): Rolled sleeves are coming back. Commandant Gen. James Amos and Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Micheal Barrett announced Tuesday via Facebook that the Corps is bringing back 

Marines greet new sleeves-up order with cheers, confusion

Posted on the Marine Corps’ official social media platforms, the announcement that rolled sleeves were back went viral, shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook by Marines who missed the look. They are nearly equaled in number, however, by those who 

Amos: My wife was all over me about sleeves down

Marine noncommissioned officers weren’t the only ones complaining after the Marine Corps banned rolled sleeves on camouflage utilities in 2011. Gen. Jim Amos’ wife, Bonnie, also opposed the change. The commandant himself made the startling admission 


Marine Mom Challenge Coin

Look what I just found! A Marine Mom Challenge Coin, I didn’t even know they made them. If my Marine Corps sons ever read my blog this is a big hint for my birthday, Mothers Day, or Christmas. Both my sons have purchased commemorative Challenge coins and have been given challenge coins from officers during their USMC service. I love the meaning behind them and how they commemorate events in a Marines life. 

I recently took did a photography shoot of all of their coins when they were home on leave. Some I have created into Photoshop designs, but many I just took photos of for posterity. But, I didn’t know there was a challenge coin for Marine Mothers.

Challenge Coin-Proud Marine Mom – $11.99
Retail Price: $14.99
You Save: $3.00
from: ArmyNavyShop

FREE Shipping on orders over $50 when using coupon code # FSJY when checking out (Free Shipping on orders over $50)

 I’ve since had inquiries on Twitter whether the company makes Proud Army Mom or Proud Navy Mom challenge coins, and they certainly do. Below are the links to the challenge coins for Army and Navy Moms from the Army/Navy Store. So if you have a soldier for a son or daughter, or a sailor you too can have a challenge coin to keep in your pocket, purse, or on your desk as a talisman or sorts. Military Moms, we have our challenges of our own, we have to know what to say, what not to say, all in supporting our sons and daughters.

Challenge Coin-Proud Army Mom – $11.99 from: ArmyNavyShop

Challenge Coin-USN Proud Navy Mom - $11.99 from: ArmyNavyShop

Read additional stories about Marine Moms, how they support the troops and the impact they have on the military.

Marine’s mom spreads inspirational message

HICO, Texas — Robin Hefner never wanted it this way. But the loss of her son in Afghanistan made her this way. The longtime Hico resident is now on a mission of her own to make sure Shawn’s sacrifice serves as an inspiration to young people.

Lake Hopatcong community comes together for injured soldier

“Speedy recovery Marine and strength to you and your family. Semper Fi from a Marine MOM” wrote Katherine Deanes. Calls and emails to family members were not immediately returned. Staff writer William Westhoven: 973-428-6627; wwesthoven@daily

Your 2 Cents: Former Army Lt. Michael Behenna Parole

Deanna in Edmond: “My two cents from a Marine mom. Our God is good!” Finally, Pamela from Mustang asks: “Since when are the soldiers, who are trained to kill the enemy, getting punished for killing the enemy?” I’m Kelly Ogle and that’s YOUR 2 Cents.


Silent Sunday #28

Days of the Film Era



Silent Sunday #27: Cream Soda

Dads Cream Soda, vintage drinks

Previous Silent Sunday Highlights


Silent Sunday #26: Last of Winter

Leaf on Snow, last of winter


Earned, Never Given

The Crucible

The title U.S. Marine is not given, it is earned. A Marine Corps recruit upon entry into Marine boot camp arrivals are called recruits, not Marines. They must earn the title  through the 13 weeks of rigorous training during boot camp. It is not until the completion of the Crucible the recruits are finally called Marines.

Marien Corps Recruit training ends with the Crucible

The Crucible is the last test of Marine recruit training. It is 54 hour test over 45 miles of marching teamwork and leadership. It epitomizes endurance, a brotherhood, and a no man left behind mentality among the warrior.

Recruits use problem solving skills to maneuver and accomplish tasks at challenging stations which replicate real world situations, named after famous Marines and battles. They survive on only a few hours of sleep during the Crucible, eating a a few MRE’s to sustain themselves and if lucky they get tossed an apple or orange, which they devour.

At the end is the last 12 mile march ending with “The Reaper*”, a hill so intimidating it is a legend among Marines. Up it they hike, with 60 lb packs, trying not to be last in line and helping their buddies along the way who falter. It’s a right of passage to climb the top, onto the parade deck, see the flags waving, music playing and to have placed in your hand, the Eagle, Globe and Anchor which indicates they have finally earned the right to be called a United States Marine.

*The Reaper a hill unique to the San Diego MCRD boot camp experience

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If you have experience as a Marine Corps recruit I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or follow me on Twitter by clicking on the right. Thank you for visiting and Semper Fi!


Colonel Tom Brewer: Warrier to Congressman

I am honored to know Tom Brewer, and his family. I don’t normally venture into politics on my blog, photography is my gig, but have made a few exceptions, Colonel Tom Brewer is reason to make that exception.  The more I learn about politics the more I’m fed up and tired of politics as usual and the career politicians who place their own interest first. We need more people in Washington that love America, understand what freedoms we truly have, and are willing to fight to keep that freedom. 

Colonel Tom Brewer for Congress 2014

Click to go to the official Tom Brewer for Congress website

We have a commander in chief who has never served in the military, who doesn’t understand international politics and policies and has made decisions that have not only hurt our country but put thousands of our men and women in the military in harms way and placed them in danger.

This is where my endorsement (for what it’s worth) and political stance is front and center. I totally believe, trust and stand behind Colonel Tom Brewer for Congress for the third district in Nebraska. I have been fortunate to know him and his family for many years as they have lived in Eastern Nebraska and his kids have gone to the same high school as mine. His daughter is a good friend of my sons and I think the world of her.Click to the Colonel Tom Brewer for Congress 2014

Tom has not only served his country with honor and commitment, stood in the line of fire to protect his men, but also been placed in diplomatic leadership positions with international leaders and advisers. He was critical in helping build the Afghan National Army in the years after 9/11. There is much I can say about the man and his values, but I have decided to link to the media stories and interviews to let him tell it himself.

People in the third district don’t have “bad” things to say about Adrian Smith, but they really can’t say something positive he’s done either. Although it has come to light that Rep Adrian Smith In a recent poll in the Grand Island Independent  more than 70% think the 3rd District needs a military man to represent them in Congress.

Since then Colonel Brewer has taken Congressman Smith to task for not supporting the families of the men killed at Benghazi and has urged him to support HR 36 which would would support Congressional action to investigate the terrorist attack on Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Tom Brewer speaks about Benghazi

CLICK to hear the radio interview

I have been following the events of Benghazi from the beginning as my oldest son was at Camp Bastion just a few months before the attack and it really hit close when men he knew and worked with died and were injured in the attack. Colonel Brewer knew and served with Navy SEAL Glen Doherty and in a radio interview this week stated the following:

“The mortars used to kill Americans on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi had American tail fin numbers. They were killed with our own weapons. And for the life of me, I don’t understand why Congressman Adrian Smith will not support an investigation that would allow the truth to come out.”

What is going on in Washington? Why are some state representatives hiding their head in the sand? The sitting Republican Congressman Adrian has time and time again turned down Tom Brewers request to debate before the primary. What is he afraid of, I say let’s get Tom Brewer elected, send him to Washington and let him take names and kick butt.


I encourage you to visit his website, contribute what you can, pass his information along to anyone in the country. It’s not just Nebraska he represents but all veterans, patriots and Americans. If you have contacts in the media or in the press get them in contact with Colonel Brewer and his campaign office. He not only has a story to tell, but is a leader who will get things done in Washington.

Colonel Tom Brewer Official Links

Video Stories

Nebraska Soldier retires After 36 years

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAEYYxFoC8w

Political Interviews

Learn where Tom Brewer stands on abortion (Pro-Life), the second Amendment (life time NRA member), Benghazi, immigration, the national budget, national defense, the Keystone Pipeline, the Tea Party, immigration, leadership, and more important issues facing our country today. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in domestic and international affairs.

Articles About Colonel Tom Brewer

Tom Brewers Military Career


Chronicles the attack near Kabul Afghanistan where Tom Brewer and his men were outnumbered 10 to one, yet they held off the enemy for more than an hour before support arrived. Tom Brewer was shot six times yet still continued to fight and received his first Purple Heart.

If you know Colonel Tom Brewer you understand what he stands for, if you don’t get to know this man, he will tackle Washington like he has him military life, with honor and commitment.


Silent Sunday #25


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