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My Infamous Cowboy Candy Recipe


Sweet Pickled Jalapenos

I’ve talked to many people about my Cowboy Candy recipe on Twitter and I guess it’s about time that I posted it on my blog.

Up until last year I was not a big fan of jalapenos. It was the first time I planted jalapenos, mainly for salsa, but I saw this recipe on Pinterest for Cowboy Candy and was very intrigued. Now, I am addicted to the sweet and tangy taste of the sweet Mexican flavor. I am actually just slightly addicted to the Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno poppers I learned how to make last summer.

Cowboy Candy recipe

Cowboy Candy and Sweet Jalapeno Relish

I still don’t eat raw jalapenos, they are too hot and spicy for me, but when you add vinegar and sugar to the pickled jalapenos you are left with the flavor without the heat, that I can do! Last year I became quite obsessed and my four small pepper plants were NOT enough and I started begging jalapenos from friends and neighbors. This year I have eleven plants so let’s see if this keeps my in stock for the season.

The recipe for Cowboy Candy is very easy, but you will want to remember a few things.

  1. While slicing the jalapenos peppers, DON’T touch your eyes with your fingers, if your hair gets in your face, ask someone else to move it out. Better yet, wear a ponytail.
  2. Better yet, wear rubber gloves when slicing as the juice will stay on your hands for hours (while you still avoid touching your face)
  3. If you like a milder flavor fill your finished bowl with water and let the seeds float to the top, then pour off (my husband like it hot, so one batch I left the seeds)
  4. Slicing takes a lot of time. If you want the same flavor in less the time make relish and use a food processor or salsa maker (got mine at the state fair)
  5. You will have extra syrup left. Do NOT discard. Can it and use for marinade on chicken, pork chops, or ham.


Cowboy Candy Recipe

(small batch)
1 lb fresh jalapenos
2/3 cup cider vinegar
2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons mustard seed
1/4 teaspoon tumeric
1/4 teaspoon celery seed
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper


  1. Slice jalapenos (see above)
  2. Mix cider vinegar, sugar, tumeric, celery and mustard seed, garlic, and cayenne to boil.
  3. Reduce the liquid for 5 minutes to a simmer. 
  4. Add jalapenos to the syrup and simmer for 5 minutes
  5. Remove jalapenos from liquid with a slotted spoon into a bowl
  6. Pack into sterilized jars with jalapenos first using a spoon, or a small spatula to press into the jar.
  7. Add liquid filling the jars leaving a 1/4 headspace. 
  8. Process in a water bath for 15 minutes.

Makes 2 pints

Did you note this only makes 2 pints, that is TWO small jars. The first time I made this recipe I had a large bowl of sliced jalapenos and was so excited about all the jars they would fill. (I was anticipating Christmas gifts)  Jalapeno pepper rings are ridge when fresh and will fill the bowl, you will think you have plenty, NOT! When boiled in syrup they become soft and the volume is reduced. Packing them into the jars reduces the volume further.

So make sure to have a bushel of peppers, trust me this will become your favorite and you might hoard the small shiny jars like treasure. I took to hiding them in the back of the cabinet. 

There you go, Cowboy Candy, serve on crackers with cream cheese as an appetizer or snack. The sweet Jalapeno relish is excellent on hot dogs or brats, and my husband puts the sliced sweet jalapenos on hamburgers. However you serve them they are delicious. 

Do you have a favorite Cowboy Candy recipe, or another jalapeno dish? 


Patriotic Video That Gets It Right


The Best Patriotic Video

Across the internet are scores of videos with patriotic songs, words, and performers that inspire and lift the heart. My plan this Independence Day weekend was to post several of my favorite patriotic videos here, and I had quite the list. But once I saw this ad by Food City centered around the true meaning of the holiday I changed my plans and only posted one. 

Food City Patriotic video

Food City Patriotic video

The respect between these two men is overwhelming, and it’s a trait I see with people who serve in the military to those who have served before them.

As a Marine Mom this has special meaning to me. My two sons are in the United States Marine Corps and their grandfather was a WWII veteran and a paratrooper in the Army Airborne. He died in 1995, but would have been able to fit into his uniform. I could see him doing just this for one of his grandsons as they came home.

I normally don’t cry during patriotic videos, but I can’t help it on this one. The look on the Mothers face as she watches the two salute each other would bring a tear to even the hardest heart. 

“At Food City, we honor those people that serve and protect our country, and we know that without the men and women who watch out for us, we would not have any of the luxuries we do. We are the land of the free because of the brave and we salute you!” Food City

It’s not often a company gets an ad right, but when they do it deserves recognition. I know these are actors, and not everything in the video may be accurate, but it accomplishes what it was meant to do. Remind the public that holidays such as Memorial Day, and Independence Day, often referred to as the 4th of July, are not just about picnics, barbecues and parties. But about recognizing why we celebrate our country’s freedom. It’s because of the brave men and women of our military, who for hundreds of years have fought for freedom so we can have the rights we have today.

If you have a favorite patriotic video please place the link below, I would love to see it and may even create a regular feature on either #MilitaryMonday or #WarriorWednesday



Celebrating Independence Day


Across the United States millions of Americans are celebrating Independence Day with parades, picnics, barbecues and fireworks. The town of Murdock Nebraska is no different. However, our story is a little unique because you see it is a village of under 400 people. The town is joined by Elmwood Nebraska just six miles south and we form the community of Elmwood-Murdock joined together by our schools and with a total population of around a thousand people.

The day starts off with a 5K Dillon Synovec Memorial Run at 7:30 am and then continues with a parade, lunch hosted by the Lions Club, pie at the church, firemans water fight, tractor pull, softball games, and fireworks at the end of the night.

Patriotic pride on Independence Day

Honor guard during the 4th of July Parade

Honor guard during the 4th of July Parade

However during the 4th of July parade and Independence Day parade we grow to probably close to a thousand people. That is no joke. Our parade is one of the best around and over an hour long. You can see the sidewalks packed with people and this goes on for an amazing three blocks of main street. Well actually people are also sitting in their yards on the parade route also, but the announcers stand is on Main St (3rd Ave). My friends always bring their donkeys and throw candy from the home made barrels on the side. Chris dresses up in his red and white “Husker” coveralls which double for the 4th of July.

Patriotic Spirit celebrating Independence Day

Patriotic Spirit celebrating Independence Day

There wouldn’t be a country Independence Day parade without some antique tractors decked out in 4th of July bunting, and this one is an oldie. 

Tractor in the 4th of July parade

Tractor in the 4th of July parade

The marching band from Elmwood-Murdock high school marches, and because it’s the 4th and not a competition they are allowed to wear shorts and an school T-shirt. My daughter played the drums in school and during her senior year she moved up to the quads which is a coveted position. She felt like a “beast” when she played the quads.

Bass drum and the quads marching during the parade

My daughter on quads marching during the parade

After the parade one of the local 4-H clubs gives out free watermelon. It’s a favorite with the crowds and a good appetizer to the lunch served after the parade put on by the Lions Club.

Watermelon on the 4th of July

Watermelon on the 4th of July

The day continues with a tractor pull and one of my favorite activities the Fireman’s water fight. The local volunteer fire departments from about 8-10 towns in the area compete for bragging rights (and I’m sure a few beers) in water fights. The object of the game is to push the 55 gal barrel down the wire using the force from the water hose. If it’s hot the spray from the fire hoses are a welcome relief to the hot sun. It’s so much fun watching the little kids play in the water. (My daughter is sitting with our dog Leah to the left of the picture)

Celebrating the 4th of July with Fireman water fights

Fire Department Water Fights

For most kids the favorite part of celebrating Independence Day is the fireworks. This year my husbands family took a cross country trip from New York to tour the Western United States. They stopped by our house and the teenagers were so excited to light fireworks. Fireworks aren’t legal for the “regular” person to light in Buffalo.

Celebrating Independence Day with Fireworks

Celebrating Independence Day with Fireworks

However you celebrate Independence Day, have a safe one, hug your families, salute the flag and remember we are celebrating our freedom, the birth of our country and all that we hold dear and take for granted: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, and freedom from tyranny. Our military fought for our freedom from the British in the 1700′s and continues to fight for those who suppress freedom around the world.

How Are You Celebrating Independence Day This Year?

Leave me a note below, I’d love to hear your traditions.



Am I a Professional Photographer?


I love photography and I always seem to have a camera with me. But what is a professional photographer and can I call myself a professional? The answer is no. Even though I did get paid for two photography jobs in May I can’t call myself a professional. Why? Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Harvest in Nebraska, Combines in the fields

Harvest in Nebraska

What is a Professional Photographer?

To me a a professional photographer is someone who earns their sole income by selling their photography services and prints. They pay taxes, they have insurance, and they rely on photography for their income. Just like any business there are marketing costs for advertising, business cards, and insurance.

There are fewer and fewer true professional photographers in the industry anymore. With the advent of easily accessible digital DSLR Cameras the profession has changed. I’m not here to discuss or debate whether this competition and change is a good or bad thing, just that it has happened.

Often professional photographers have gone to school to learn lighting techniques, studio photography and many cut their teeth during era of film. Even during the age of film photography, photographs were edited in the dark room with burning and dodging techniques. Post production work now is done in Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve the look and feel the photographer felt when viewing the scene in real life.

Professional Photographers edit in Lightroom or Photoshop for the best results

Chicago Night Skies (Before SOOC and After)

This above photo was taken over looking Lake Michigan at midnight. I didn’t have a tripod with me and set the camera on a park bench for a long exposure shot. The result was crooked and due to the cold I didn’t have time to get the proper white balance in camera. In Lightroom I was able to straighten the horizon and adjust the lighting to what my eye remembered. This was a case of “knowing” and planning my edit ahead of time. My goal was a 2:1 panoramic print, so I shot wide to allow myself editing space. I took only two shots like this that night.

Then Who is a Photographer?

Planning and execution is the difference between someone who is a photographer and a person who just takes pictures.

A photographer is anyone who takes their photography seriously and is always looking at ways to increase their camera skills and techniques. They read books, they read blogs, watch YouTube videos on post production in Lightroom and Photoshop to learn how to get the most out of their camera and their photographs.A professional graduation photo

If you are like me it’s hard to drive down the road without seeing a photographic opportunity. You’re spouse might just be tired of you saying “Stop, go back, I have to get a photo of that barn” (fence, sunset, cloud, cow, lamp post, etc…you get the picture)

A photographer thinks about their shot “before” they take it, taking into consideration composition, lighting, and cropping aspect ratio. A serious photographer takes their camera off Auto and learns to shoot in Aperture Priority or Manual.

If your goal is to improve your photography, if you find yourself reading every photographic technique article that comes across your Facebook news feed, and if you purposely seek out photographic opportunities to share them with a wide audience then you might be able to call yourself a photographer. It may be a just a serious hobby. But you are a budding photographer.

I Am a Semi-Pro Photographer

That would be where I fit in. I am a serious photographer who has a “normal” nine-to-five job and occasionally gets paid for photographic endeavors? Very occasionally. I don’t advertise, but I post my best photos on several sites and on Facebook. I also sell my photographs on FineArt America and recently on InstaProofs. To me, I’m a a hobbyist photographer.  http://3QuartersToday.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/IMG_7242-511.jpg

But, since many people see that I can take decent landscape photos they also assume I can also take portraits. I can’t, or let’s put it this way, I’m uncomfortable photographing people.

Yet in one month I did finally say yes to two people who asked me to photograph events. I shot my first graduation and my first wedding. So now I can officially call myself a semi-pro. Will I give up my day job? No. But I will shoot graduation again, maybe not another wedding, it took the Mother of the Bride two weeks to convince me to do this one.

More about my first job as a wedding photographer later, overall I enjoyed it. They were a fun couple who could NOT of taken a bad picture if they tried, and the camera loved them. I received many compliments and the images turned out better than I expected.  

Do You Take Pictures or are You a Photographer?

If you just love taking pictures of things that are dear to your heart sharing snapshots of time, creating images of friends and family during events and gatherings? Do you take more selfies and Instagram photos with just your phone to post on social media? If so you love to take pictures, and that’s okay. A picture is a snapshot in time that preserves a memory. We should all take pictures, it preserves our history and memories.

How to Photograph Concerts

Huey Lewis and the News

So Where Do you Fit?

Where do you and your camera fit? I’d like to hear your input on the topic and if your goal is to become a professional photographer, a semi-pro, or if you just want to enjoy the hobby for your own benefit. Leave a comment below.



Face to Face with a Charolais Bull


You don’t see Charolais cattle very often, but when you do, they are impressive. Most beef breeds are crossed with Angus for that desirable black color.

On my recent trip to Western Nebraska a Charolais bull got into my father in laws pasture with some other cows. He obviously thought me and my camera were worth checking out. 

Charolais Bull

Charolais Bull:  ISO 100 f/5.6 1/250 second

Don’t worry, I stayed in my car and it was with the help of my 70-200mm Tamron lens that I was able to get an up close and personal portrait of this great animal. Isn’t he magnificent? He never never left me. I’ve often told people I don’t take pictures of people or animals. Landscapes are more my style. But once in a while I find a subject who is patient and this bovine posed quite nicely in the evening golden hour sun. 

Charolais Bull Posing for the camera

Charolais Bull Posing for the camera

Charolais are a popular breed in Colorado due to their strong legs on open range and the mountains. We saw several cross breeds on our Colorado trip a few years ago and quite a few Charolais bulls out in the pastures.

Facts about Charolais Cattle (source Oklahoma State Breeds website)

  • Originated in southern France and legend has it white cattle were noticed in the region as early as 878 AD
  • Were used for milk, meat and draft animals.
  • Know for large bone and power with a superior mothering and milking ability. 
  • Introduced into the United States after the First World War by Jean Pugibet. 
  • First bulls imported through Mexico to the King Ranch. Their names were Neptune and Ortolan.
  • Influenced the American cattle industry by introducing size and a larger frame than the typical British breeds of the time (Herefords)
  • Charolais are white or creamy white in color and bulls weigh from 2,000 lbs to over 2,500 lbs with cows weighing between 1,200-2,000 lbs.





Western Nebraska Sky Country


Who needs mountains and oceans when the skies of Western Nebraska can give you all the scenery  and glorious vistas you could want. So many people drive down I-80 through Iowa and Nebraska and say they don’t see anything except cornfields and flat land.  I say slow down, take a detour on a country road where and actually look at the world around you. The open skies of the Midwest give a 360 panorama of blue sky combined with the action of the clouds. 

Western Nebraska

Western Nebraska

This is the view from the back of my in-laws farm house outside of Palisade Nebraska. Every night the pheasants fly overhead and you can hear the male roosters crowing in the CRP grass surrounding the house.

Nebraska wheat field

Nebraska wheat field

In June the wheat fields of Nebraska start to ripen and turn green. Rain is critical at this point, it helps fill out the berries and increases the yields. The farmers in Nebraska have been luckier in 2014 than the wheat farmers of Texas and Oklahoma. It seems the drought has broken. Southwestern Nebraska had 3 inches of rain one day, it was the most rain they have received at one time in over five years. To say my father in law was happy and smiling was an understatement. IMG_8266-307You can even see road tracks in the dirt road. I’ve been visiting my in laws for many years during the summer and have never gotten mud on the car. We drove around through the canyons and it was very apparent the wildlife enjoyed the moisture as well. We spotted over 30 deer, a coyote, turkeys, and TWO jack rabbits. My husbands hasn’t seen jack rabbits out there in many years.  IMG_8363-313 Here is just one of the mule deer we saw that night. Notice the deer path on the ridge. This is a sight you never see driving 75 mph down the interstate. So next time you take a cross country trip. Take the road less traveled, slow down and enjoy the sights. The countryside has a lot to offer if you just want to look.  Bring your camera, don’t be shy. Most people in the area are proud to show off their lovely state and are friendly as can be, as long as you smile and say “I didn’t realize Nebraska was so beautiful!”  


Deployed Dad Writes his Daughter a Song


This deployed dad1 knows how hard being away from is on his family, especially his little girl, and he wanted to make her feel better. Most military children understand that Mommy or Daddy is doing a very important job for the country and the other parent takes on not only the double task of parenting but also comforting, reassuring and keeping the connection strong. But it doesn’t make it any less painful or lonely.

Today is Friday and many people use this day to remind others that our military is still deployed overseas in countries far away from their family.

In this day of technology, cell phones, iPads, internet, Facebook overseas communication is much easier and faster than years ago when you waited for a letter in the mail or the rare phone call. Facetime, Snapchat, and Skype are sometimes nightly rituals with servicemen and women to stay in contact with their families. They might use it to help their children with homework, watch a birthday party, or even the birth of a new baby.

He is currently a Fort Drum soldier on deployment in Afghanistan and enlisted the help of his fellow soldiers to sing a song to his daughter who is missing him back in Watertown, NY. Sgt. First Class  Jamie McIntyre is on his fifth deployment to Afghanistan and says his 5-year-old daughter Jessie, was missing her dad and having a tough time dealing with him being away from home.

To cheer her up, McIntyre asked some fellow soldiers to help him write and sing a song to Jessie using Facetime. In the video, McIntyre – who is of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team with the 10th Mountain Division – is the soldier positioned third from the left.

Thank you to all the deployed Dads and Moms and everyone in the military who serve our great country. You sacrifice your lives, and have found ways to endure, carry on and keep the bonds strong at home.

Red Friday remember Everyone Deployed


My Dad a WWII, D-Day Veteran


How did you spend your nineteenth birthday? For my Dad on June 7, 1944 he spent that day sitting on a gunner of a destroyer overlooking the beach of Normandy. It was D-Day, code name Operation Overlord when Allied forces landed on the beaches of France to liberate France from the Nazi Germans.

WWII Peace at Last

The only photo of my Dad during the WWII era

I know very little about my Dad’s military life, he rarely spoke about it and when he did I was too occupied as a teenager to really listen and remember. When I was thirteen we went to Fall River Massachusetts to tour the USS Massachusetts and my Dad was more interested in showing us the  USS JOSEPH P KENNEDY JR DD850 destroyer. We climbed aboard the gunners and that was of of the few times I heard him talk about WWII.

The role of destroyers at Normandy is recounted in detail in an online book Destroyers at Normandy published by the NAval Historic Foundation. Most of which I don’t understand or appreciate. I have not learned which destroyer my Dad served on but he was very young and said at first he was a “runner” then became a “gunner”. He wasn’t very big, about 5’8″ and about 125 lbs. His nickname was “Tiny Terry the Terrible” he was a scraper from what I could tell.

My Dad said on deck it was loud and confusing. His hands burned from the heat of the gun and at the time they didn’t really know what was happening. Remember, this was before the days of instant communication, all they could do was their job, do what they were told and pray for the best.

WWII and Korean War Veteran Ribbons

My Dad’s WWII duffel bag was lost/stolen/lifted immediately upon returning to the United States. He enlisted into the Army Airborne just five years later into the 82′nd Airborne. I wonder if his WWII experience with the 82nd was part of his desire to become a paratrooper.

Although his medals were lost, his ribbons from World War II provided to him to wear on his uniform as recognition of his service.

PFC Leo T. Tyrrell 1952

PFC Leo T. Tyrrell 1952

My Father was one of five kids and his Mother had just did during childbirth with his little sister Mary. Their Dad was in and out of their lives and at this point had abandoned them. His big brother Vern (“Jub”) tried raising their sisters on their own, but they were teenagers themselves.

Eventually they were divided between family and my Dad joined the military using his big brothers ID, as he was too young. I can’t imagine having one of my sons at age 19 in such a battle. Yes, they are both Marines, but we don’t fight wars like we did back then. Thank goodness. I heard on the radio this morning that over 2,500 men lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy on one day, June 6, 1944.

He died in 1995 and today he would be 89 years old. Happy Birthday Dad, I miss you and wish you were here to watch your grandsons grow up to be fine young men. He would be so proud of them and they would love to hear your stories.

Books on World War II Destroyers




Memorial Day Patriotism


The Internet and Social Media Patriotism 

I’m so glad to see Memorial Day patriotism spread all over the vast social media networks, including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. People may criticize social media, call it a waste of time, snippets of fluff, but I do think one positive aspect of short exchanges of sentiment can be a statement of not only what you had for breakfast, but a reminder of what really matters in life. 

Memorial day photos, MEMEs, and military tributes are covering the internet, signs of patriotism, love of country, and respect for our military. This is a good thing. In these days of political squabbles and infighting let’s not forget our men and women in the armed forces:the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, who have given the ultimate price and died serving our country and freedom. 

I have combined my three passions (Quarters) photography, graphic design, and the military to give you the image below. Please feel free to share with your friends and family this holiday weekend. 

Memorial Day Patriotism

Let us not ever forget, but always remember the reason for Memorial Day.

“Memorial Day,” a poem by Wallace Bruce, is the source of this patriotic quote. The poem was first published in a book called Wanderers in 1907. The glorious men “who kept the faith and fought the fight” are the soldiers who fought and died for their country; the citizens who owe their freedom to these individuals now have the duty to uphold the values for which these soldiers fought. Specifically, the poem is about the soldiers who fought in the Civil War. source

So this weekend, go to your picnics, enjoy your barbecues, throw a steak on the grill, but also take time to visit a cemetery, attend a Memorial Day parade or ceremony. Just think and reflect that while you are enjoying your life and freedom soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen fought in many wars before your time to ensure the freedom and rights of the United States of America.

After our annual trip to the town cemetery for a service and recognition I will head over to the senior center where lunch is served for the town and then to the GAR Hall to stroll through our Veterans Museum.

I’d like to know your holiday traditions and how you spend Memorial Day weekend, leave me a comment below and share how your town recognizes this patriotic holiday.

Memorial Day or Decoration Day Traditions

Veterans Reflect On The Meaning Of Memorial Day

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Memorial Day Patriotism Quote. Patriotism Consists Not In Waving The Flag. But In Striving That Our Country. Shall Be Righteous As Well As Strong. Memorial Day Nice Quote. A Man’s Country Is Not A Certain Area Of Land.


Carrie Underwood: Keep Us Safe



Salute to Our Troops

If you’re going to release a song dedicated to the military and American troops what better time to release a patriotic song than at the ACM Salute to our Troops show? Carrie Underwood did just that when she put in special request to write an original song just for this all star event and donate the proceeds “Keep it Safe” to ACM Lifting Lives.

Please feel free to download the song  here.

Remember, Memorial Day is not just about barbeques, picnics, and family celebrations. Take time to remember what the weekend and day is all about. Freedom is not free as the wall at the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC states.(Taken my trip in 2010)

Visit a cemetery, attend a parade, stand up and salute the veterans as they walk by, look at the American flag and think of all the people who have fought for our freedom over the years.

Keep Us Safe because Freedome is Not Free

Korean War Memorial: Washington DC on Memorial Day

There are men and women in today’s military training and fighting to Keep Us Safe, taking time out of their lives to serve our country, prepared, in case an attack threatens our freedom. Let us not remember the veterans who fought in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lyrics to Keep Us Safe

“Deserts grow cold
Rivers run dry
We give up on each other without thinking twice
Hope gets lost
Can’t see the dawn
When the storm just won’t let up, give us the faith to carry on
When we get scared
Let this be our prayer
God keep us safe tonight
Keep our eyes toward the skies
Send down an army of angels
To make us brave
And keep us strong and unafraid
God keep us safe
We walk a thousand steps in the wrong direction
Broken and bruised, wearing tattered shoes
Asking Him a thousand questions
But we go on
Trying to get back home
Through the struggles and the troubles I know we don’t walk alone
Even when we get lost through the valleys we crossed
God keep us safe, safe tonight
Keep our eyes toward the skies
Send down an army of angels
To make us brave
And keep us strong and unafraid
God keep us safe
God keep us safe
Oh God keep us safe
And keep our eyes on the heavens and give us grace
Send us an army of angels
To make us brave
Keep us strong and unafraid
Keep us strong and unafraid
God keep us safe
Keep us safe”

What will you do this weekend? In my rural Nebraska town we start off the weekend by raising the flags in the cemetery, it is a cross generational event with kids and boy scouts placing flags on the tombstones marking our veterans with parents and grandparents helping hoist the flagpoles.


Learn More about Carrie Underwood song Keep Us Safe

Carrie Underwood: ‘Keep Us Safe’ Full Song & Lyrics – Listen Now!

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MUSICinsideU: Keep Us Safe – Carrie Underwood

The Meaning of Carrie Underwood’s Keep Us Safe is a prayer, with all five parts. 1. When things get dark (“rivers run dry… hope gets lost… the storm just won’t let up”) we start to pray – we stop playing superhero and get down on our knees …


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